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There is the collection of Jimin Bts Quotes, jungkook, J-Hopes, Suga, V, jins full BTS Army quotes in English. That will inspire you and motivate you. These quotes are a mixture of Attitude quotes, Inspirational Quotes, Motivational Quotes.


Here Is The Collection Of BTS Quotes 

Even When This Rain Stops, 
When Clouds Go Away,
I Stand Here, Just The Same.


If You Don’t Work Hard,
There Won’t Be A Good Result.


If You Want To Love
 Others, You Should 
Love Yourself First.

bts love yourself quotes

Don,t Show Someone Your Good Side 
Just To Make Them Stay,
Show Them Your Worst Side And
See Who Stays.


They Made Us Feel like 
We Were Worth Something That
We Mattered That Someone
 In The World Wanted Us.


When Life Gives You  
A Hundred Reasons To Cry 
Remember That God Has 
Given You A Thousand
 Reasons To Smile.


Go On Your Path, 
Even If You Live For A Day.


Don't Be Trapped In
 Someone Else's Dream.

BTS Quotes

Anyone Can Make You Smile 
But The Only Certain People 
Can Make You Happy.


Bts Quotes With Images

I Don't Care Who I Lose Anymore 
As Long As I Don't Lose Myself 
Again, I Am Good.


It's Ok If You Don't Like Me 
My Worth Is Not Up To You.


Living Without Passion Is Like Being Dead.


I'll Keep It Real Because I'm Not
Afraid To Make Enemies.


Go On Your Path, Even 
If You Live For A Day.


Be Yourself People 
Don't Have To 
Like You And You 
Don't Have To Care.


You Lose Yourself 
Trying To Hold On
To Someone Who 
Doesn't Care About You.


They Say Not To Judge 
A Book By Its Cover 
But Why Don't They 
Judge A Song By Its Language?


Bts Army Attitude Status

Music Transcends Language.
 Bts Communicates With
Our Fans By Staying True
 To Ourselves And Believing 
In Music Every Day.

music transcends language bts

Kill Them With Success
Bury Them With A Smile.


 I Have A Big Heart Full Of Love,
 So Please Take It All.


Purple Is The Last Color 
Of The Rainbow. 
Purple Means I Will Trust 
And Love 
You For A Long Time.


Once Your Heart Is Moved, 
It Will Develop To Something 
Better And Positive.


BTS Quote Image 

BTS Quote Image

BTS Army is also known as the Bangtan Boys. They formed a Korean Band in 2010 with 7 members. Now they are very popular all around the world. 

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