42+ Best Joker Status For Whatsapp With Images & Quotes

Hi, guys, there is the best collection of Joker Status For Whatsapp. This Post is Somehow Interesting for you because Today We are Talking about JOKER. After reading these jokes Status For Whatsapp With Images & Quotes I hope you will feel motivated and hope this WhatsApp quotes on joker will bring back the lost strength in you to move forward in life. sometimes this small joker status for Whatsapp makes us feel so content and powerful.

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joker images with quotes

Here Is The Collection Of  Joker Status For Whatsapp

Don’t Try to get inside my head,
It’s Too Dark For You.

joker whatsapp status

Why should I apologies for the 
monster I have become?
No one ever apologized

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Smoking, Drinking doesn’t
Make u a bad person,
Your attitude decides that.

joker status 2020

“you get, what u fukin Deserve”

joker quotes

Do something that u hold a
Legacy that can never be replaced.

joker quotes on life

“All I have are
Negative thoughts.”

joker dp

Always Put on a happy face, no
One needs to know the shit
You’re going through. 

best joker quotes

Explore More - Here Is the collection of Latest Attitude Status 

The struggles of today, will
Be ted talks of tomorrow.

attitude status for whatsapp

Empty pockets teach u a lot
Of things that school can't.

attitude quotes in english

The bad phase of life hits u like hell.
But then you’ll appreciate how
Heavens feels like.

Smile hard, don’t let them
Know how broke u are.

best joker status

Never ever become
Your own hater.

joker quotes images

Invest in ideas & business
Not in emotions & people.

success joker images

Risk it now or
Regret it forever

attitude status for facebook

1% luck 1% talent
98% never give up
100% success formula.

succes whatsapp dp

You prepared me for
My worst days, who knew it
Would be u bringing them over me.

joker dp for whatsapp

Judge people by their own
Principles not by your own.

judge people status images

Mask your personality,
Surprise people.

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Here is the collection of best one line status 

Hate me or date me,
I don’t give a fuck.

joker motivational quotes

Over smart people are just the
Fools thinking about making
Fool of the entire world.

joker best quotes

Your knife my back
My gun your head.

my gun your head

She ignored my messages,
I ignored her ignorance.

ignore status images

Know the difference between
Having a friend and a petting snake.

snake friend status

Some people love u
But don’t tell u
Some people tell u
But don’t tell u.

love attitiude status

Start where u are,
Use what u have,
Do what u can.

motivation status

Success hugs u in private,
Failure slaps u in public,
That’s life.

success images

Life is unpredictable u be too.

attitude joker

Crying like a cry baby aint
Gonna get u your crush.
Improve yourself & move on.


I start thinking people as my close ones
Very easily & later I’m just a victim of
Their friendly fries.

best joker images

Being rich by heart aint
Gonna pay your bills.

attitude quotes in english

Sitting alone and enjoying your own company
Is better than being surrounded by fake peoples.

fake people images

Fall for the heart,
Not for the body.

fall for heart status images

Staying hungry for success aint
Gonna work. You gotta hunt the
Prey too.

joker quotes wallpaper

Some scars can only be,
Seen by u yourself.

status related to attitude

RIP to everybody who fucked
Me over, played me, tried me
Or lied to me, because you’re
All died for me.

fb status quotes

Smile you Don’t own all
The problem in the world.

whatsapp status quotes on attitude

Silence hurts more than truth.

joker quotes hd

This is the world that disrespects you
In a crowd and salute you in alone.

a status for facebook

You can never make the same mistake twice
Because of the second time u make it, it’s not
A mistake – It’s a choice.

quotes of joker

Be a woman who deals with business
Not with drama.

attitude quotes for whatsapp

You’re scared of losing her
But she is not scared of losing u.

sad joker

Dear life, when I said
“can my day get any worse”
It was a rhetorical question
Not a challenge.

joker images for whatsapp dp

The Best Revenge Is Show
Them That Your Life Is Getting 
Better After They're Gone

joker attitude status

A Wise Man Can Always
Be Found Alone
A Weak Man Can
Always Be Found
In Crowd 

Alone joker status

Bro Focus On Your Career
Love Is Scam

the joker quotes

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