40+ Best Status lines in English Latest Collection

The best collection of best status lines in English with images brand new collection you can use them on Facebook status, Instagram Captions, or on other social media platforms. To express your mood and attitude. This status includes Attitude status, Motivational status, Fact status and more.

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Here Are The Best Status Lines In English

There is a broken heart inside every flirty person.

Learn to walk away from the girl who hurt u.

Babe thinks before ignoring me I’m good at leaving.
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Ignore me today & one day your call will be picked by my assistant.

Never Stress over anyone who isn’t stressing over u love the a person who loves u

Never ever trust girls who are alive.

Sometimes the pain is not in tears. it's present in a smile.

Bro texting to lots of girls will make you stud not a billionaire. (Best One Line Status for facebook)

Stop chasing some who is okay with losing u.
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I gave the wrong people the right pieces of me.

When u are loyal these girls dump u.

These days girls lose interest in their boyfriend faster then my phone battery dies.

Some people are like dark clouds when they disappear it’s a beautiful sunny day.

Your mother didn’t give u birth to see u begging to girls to love u back.
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Too many peoples too many shades nobody stays everybody fades.

Understanding is a talent & not everyone is talented.

Life is really simple, but we are making it’s complicated.
 (Best One Line Status In English)

Be kind even your bad days.

Never give up, the beginning is always the hardest.
best status lines on life

Don’t let a girl control your mind.

Yes, u broke my heart and raped my feelings.

I have seen so many deaths some of me and some of the others in me.

Love stories are not my cup of tea I’m born to make history.

Legends are not the one who wins but the one that’s always fighting.

I have the heart of a lion the strength of ten and the desire a thousand men.

Learn to use social media the right wat so u can benefit from it otherwise, your life will be wasted in scrolling.

It hurts me every day the absence of someone special who was once there.

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