33+ True Love images In Hindi & English

Here Is The Collection Of  Best True Love Images 

When you are in love, you want to tell the world about the person you love, you want to share your thoughts about the same. At that time True Love Images will help out to express the feeling within you to the world.

Love is the most special warmth that you'll ever feel and to convey it to the special one you'll need true love images to let your loved one know how much you love them and what you feel about them.No matter if you are a one-sided lover or you are in a relationship. Here you'll find a stock of every kind of image that will suit you regarding your relationship status.

You can use this true love images as your WhatsApp status, Snapchat status, Instagram status. You can save these truelove images from here can use it further. This kind of image helps people in love to say things which they hesitate to say. True love images act as a mediator between the love birds. True love images will make you feel better at times when you are upset by your lover.

1. I want this moment with you 

true love images

2. Koi nahi tha na koi hoga
tere jitna mere dil ke karib

true love status

3. Tension kyun lete ho jaan
me sirf apki hun 

true love qoute

4.Tum khus toh tumhare 
liye main khush

true love images in hindi

5. Current Mood
I need your hug.

true love images download

6. Her hand in his
He became her tomorrow

love status

7. Khayal rakha karo apna
apne liye nahi mere liye.

khayal rakha karo status

8. Tumse ladne ke baad
tumhari “yaad” 
aur bhi zyada aati hai… 

ladai love status

9. All I want is you.

all i want is you

10. B- Be with
Y- You
E- Everytime

bye love images

11. Ek din hum dono bhi 
badal jayenge Aj GF BF
hai kal husband wife 
ban jayenge 

gf bf status

12. Ek Anjaan Bankar aayi thi 
aura b jaan bn gyi ho humari

feel my true love images

13. To my favorite person!
I miss you a lot,
be safe every day.
I Love You

i love you status

14. Long Distance Relationship 
are the purest test of love.

 Long Distance Relationship

15. Some day you and me cooking together..

cooking together love

16. I don’t want anything.
I just want to spend time
with you…

love status

17. Ek baar keh do 
ke tum mere ho 
is se aage naseeb mera.

tum mere ho

18. Hold my hand I will prove

that not everyone comes in 
your life to leave..

hold my hand

19. I promise mai tumhara
sath kabhi nahi chodunga.

sath kabhi nahi chodunga.

20. You are my 
heart beat duffer 

You are my   heart beat

20. Pata nahi yeh pyar hai yaa
meri nadaani bas har pal 
tumhe yaad karna mujhe 
acha lagta hai

pyaar status

21. I just want to make you happy,
because you’re the reason 
that I’m so happy,

true love images for fb

22. Ek dusre ke jaise hona
zaruri nahi,
ek dusre ke liye hona
zaruri hai.

ek dusre ke liye hona

23. I promise I will hold you
when you’re sad,

i promise status

24. Ye waada hai humara 
kabhi na sath 

chodenge tumhara.

waada status

25. Zaroori nahi har gift 
koi cheez hi ho
pyar, care respect bhi
acha gift hi hai.

pyar care respect

26. Real men stay dedicated
to one girl.

real men

27. Every moment with you
is a moment I love.

 moment with you

28. I can’t wait for this 
beautiful day,

love status for whatsapp

29. Tujhe koi aur dekhe
toh jalta hai dil.

Tujhe koi aur dekhe

30. I don’t need someone like you 
I want you only..

i want you

31. I just love staring at you.
Because it make me realize 
that I am very lucky to have 
you in my life

best love images

So, These are the some best collection of True Love Status For Whatsapp and Instagram you can share them on various social media platforms to express your feelings about the person you love. I hope like all the true love images. 

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