40+ Best Short Sad Quotes That Make You Cry

Looking for some best short sad quotes? So, you are at the right place here you will get collection best short sad quotes which will help you to express your sad feelings and emotions.

Some time we feel very sad and we need some quotes to express our sadness so these sad quotes will help you to express your sadness.

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short sad quotes

So Here Is Collection Of Short Sad Quotes

short sad quotes

Need someone to hold me & tell me everything will be ok even know it won’t.

Stuck in a world where luv is jst a quote and lying is new truth

Sometimes you have give-up on people. Not because u don’t care but because they don’t.

I just wanted to spend the rest of my life with you but you had other plans I guess.

All Clouds in me are raining.

Lost in a world that doesn’t exist.
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My feelings aren’t a playground.

Your luv is fake but the pain it caused is very real.

You are my everything but now that’s going away.

I feel so empty.
sad quotes about love

Silent tears hold the deepest pain.

I am becoming more silent these days.

I loved u at your darkest.

All is wanted is your love.

Memories stay. People don’t.

Physically, mentally, emotionally, tired.

There is nthng more depressing than having it all & still feeling sad.

U gave me panic and u called it love.

Every time people ask me I’m OK it’s just a reminder that I not. 

Being alone really makes u realize a lot of stuff.

I am not living now, I am surviving.
sad quotes

I don’t get help because I am the helper.

I’m not mad. I’m broken there’s a difference.

I wish u know how much, how bad, how often I hurt.

In the end, all I learned was how to live strong alone.

U call me stupid? I fake a smile every dam day and u believed it.

Sometimes you need to listen to ur head instead of ur Heart.
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It really feels very bad when u feel like u don’t have anyone.

I don’t blame anyone. I did this to myself and it is my fault. Everything is my fault.

In your hesitation, I got my answer.

My silence is another sign of my pain.

I am not myself anymore.

I really miss the old days and the old me.
sad short quotes

I don’t feel like I am important to anyone anymore. I just kinda exist in people’s life.

Of all the lies you told me, my fav was u and I…

I was felt like life was a wonderful sad song…

Behind my big smile, there is a big story that you will never understand.

Ohhh Sorry I forgot. I’m only important when u needed something.

Those who were heartless once cared too much.

I am often silent when I am crying inside.

So, these are some best short sad quotes I hope you liked the sad quotes. Share them on social media platforms. 

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